C14Y "Cassius"


Character Sheet


High Concept Aspect

Sith created AI on the run

Trouble Aspect

Hidden sub-routines

Other Aspects

  • Liberty for all
  • Mind of a machine
  • heart of a child
  • Data scar tissue
  • I got dis
  • Chained to freedom


+6 N/A
+5 Computer
+4 Engineering/Mechanics, Pilot
+3 Starships, Blasters
+2 Languages, Science, Melee Weapons
+1 Insight, Endurance, Explosives, Stealth, Resources


Heavy Blaster Carbine

Weapon Rating: 3 | Range: 2+

His main weapon. Has a scope and single, burst, and automatic fire.

2 Automatic blaster pistols

Weapon Rating: 3 | Range: 2-3

Heavy blaster pistols hidden in his forearms


Weapon Rating: 3 | Range: Melee


Crowd Sourcing

Good at fighting when outnumbered. +1 to rolls in those situations.


Can overcharge the pistols in his arms, +1 stress to living beings, +2 against objects. Once per day per pistol

Spin To Win

His arms, hands, legs, and torso can rotate 360 degrees.

Language Database

Has a language database with over 7 million languages.

I can put myself into droid bodies

Self explanatory

I can put myself into computers.

Also self explanatory.

Force Powers


You have the ability to not use the force in whatever way you can imagine.


C14Y "Cassius"

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