Daveed K'tharsis

Trickster Battlemaster Jedi Heretic


Background Aspect: Family Man

Daveed was born on Corellia into a large family. While they sometimes struggled to eat, they always looked out for each other. By the time Daveed’s Force Sensitivity was noticed by a passing Jedi, Daveed had already been entrenched in his homeworld’s headstrong and independent attitudes, as well as the K’tharsis family’s belief that one must always look out for one’s own. While it has been a long time since he has seen his family, that belief that family come’s first, whether it is his own blood or those he has taken under his protection.

Rising Conflict Aspect: Pacifist Warrior

Master Laismidt, the Jedi who trained Daveed, was quick to see how dark Daveed’s path would be in the future and took steps to correct that with his training. Laismidt taught Dave that a battle is never truly won if it comes to violence. Dave was taught how to lie, deceive and otherwise trick his way to victory. The only battle skills he was taught was how to manipulate his enemies and allies into positions of weakness and strength respectively in order to make victory all but assured. Daveed was never taught how to use his lightsaber as a weapon, and cannot handle a blaster. While he is still a warrior he is forced by training to be a pacifist as well.

First Adventure Aspect: Unbreakable Rules

Some Jedi don’t really care what they do with the Force. As long as they are not doing it in anger everyone just thinks it’s all fine and dandy. Daveed does not think this way. To him, what you are using to tap the force is irrelevant. What you do with it is what is important. What hammered this into Daveed’s mind was the man Daveed killed for attacking his master. Seeing the life drain from someone and knowing that he had used the power created by life itself to do so caused Daveed to make certain rules he would never break. Chief among these, “Do not kill with the Force.”

Guest Star Aspect: Can’t Afford to Die

Group Adventure Aspect: My Words are My Weapon

Daveed K'tharsis

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