Ditz Azzizu


Character Sheet


High Concept Aspect

Greedy Determined Bounty Hunter

Trouble Aspect

Endangered Species with Trust Issues

Other Aspects

  • My Parents’ Grappling Boa
  • Good Ol’ Nanny HK-66
  • Jedi ran into my Blaster Shot
  • Smuggler on the side
  • Bout to Bloooow oh oh ohoh oh oh oh
  • Bitch I’m Awesome


+6 N/A
+5 Melee Weapons
+4 Fists, Contacts
+3 Strength, Stealth
+2 Survival, Athletics, Blasters
+1 Alertness, Willpower, Pilot, Intimidation, Deceit


Grappling Boa

Weapon Rating: 3 | Range: 1 (2 w/ pen)

A standard Theelin Grappling Boa, owned by the late parents of Ditz, left to her after their death

A Blaster Pistol

Weapon Rating: 2 | Range: 1-3

An ordinary blaster pistol.

Reflective Armor

Protects against blasters/knives

Green Lightsaber

Weapon Rating: 4 | Range: 1

Lightsaber nicked from the Jedi she killed

Bounty Hunter PDA

Exactly what it sounds like



Possibly cause damage when blocking while using a grappling boa (costs a fate point)

Smuggler’s Finesse

Replace stealth with deceit in cases of smuggling

I know how to wear a Boa

boa specialist +1 boa use

Force Powers


You have the ability to not use the force in whatever way you can imagine.


Ditz Azzizu

Species: Theelin

Occupation: Bounty Hunter Born and Raised, while dabbling in Smuggling

Age: 25

Height: 5’6

Weight: You shouldn’t ask a lady her weight <3

Ditz Azzizu

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