We are using a modified version of The Dresden Files version of FATE for this game. Here are the more complicated homebrew rules:

The Force

The force is basically the magic system in Dresden with some slight changes. This allows it to be more flexible than most other game systems’ use of the force.

How to become a force user

To become a force user, you must take the Force Sensitive stunt. To be a Jedi you must take Force Sensitive, Force Telekinesis, Force Empathy and Force Training. Exceptions can be made for those who are merely force sensitive and only have minor talent with using the force.

Force Sensitive(1)

PREREQ – must have a force-related aspect. You may take the force-related skills Telekinesis and Empathy. You are allowed

Force Telekinesis(2)

Allows you to use the force telikenetically, can use the Telekenisis skill to affect objects telepathically in simple ways. Difficulty varies by object and purpose.

Force Empathy(2)

Allows you to mentally affect and sense things with the force, can take the Empathy skill and use it to affect other creatures for basic actions, such as sense emotions and the famous Jedi Mind Trick

Force Training(1)

Allowed a number of force powers up to your highest force skill plus half your other one, rounded down. If you have it detailed as a power, you can take a +2 bonus to rolls with that power. Must justify powers through training/study/etc.

How to use the force

  1. Describe what you want to do
  2. Decide if you’re using this as an attack, block, maneuver, counter, etc.
  3. Decide how many shifts of power you want to put into the use.
  4. Stress cost for the use is 1 for shifts numbering up to and including your willpower skill.
  5. Stress cost goes up by 1 for every shift above your willpower skill.
  6. Make the appropriate force skill roll to use the force.
  7. If you succeed – everything works just fine.
  8. If you fail – the margin of failure has to get soaked up by:
    p. * shifts of backlash (you screw up in a way that affects you directly)
    p. * shifts of fallout (unintended consequences to the surroundings, people or thigns nearby)
  9. Unless you failed abysmally, you will still moderately do what you intended, things just went wrong along the way.
  10. If need be, roll the force skill again to “hit” Not necessary for all uses, but it is for some.

Ways to Use the Force


  • Decide how much effort you want to put into it.
  • Subtract your willpower from the number you assign to the effort to determine how much stress this will cause you.
  • To attack groups, 2 shifts must be “used up” to target an entire zone, including yourself and your friends.
  • Alternately, attack individuals by splitting up your shifts, meaning if you are trying for 8 shifts of power you could do two 4 shift attacks or four 2 shift attacks.


  • Each shift adds 1 to the block strength
  • Any bypass cancels the block
  • You can create a sort of armor effect that provides half (rounded down) of the shifts you put into it. (Probably can’t do this without training, but it’s an example)
  • Sort of force walls that function as like force fields aren’t really feasible unless you find some sort of training from someone or found a holocron or something.
  • Shifts can be traded in for an additional use of the block.
  • The block lasts for one defense action and one attack (IE you can block then counterfire) unless you extend it.


  • Place a temporary aspect on a target or scene or remove one.
  • Pulling one off requires 3 shifts of force power, unless the target’s defense skill is higher than 3, then it is equal to that skill.
  • To make it presist, add to the cost.
  • Works just like any other maneuver would.

Feel free to try to use the force in any other way and I’ll deliberate something then.


  • You must always take at least one shift in backlash
  • Can take as physical or mental stress (but can’t split it between them)


  • Murphy’s law. Something horrible happens. Maybe you hurt your friends, maybe it breaks the floor, maybe it adds an irritating aspect to the environment or a temporary one on your friends.
  • Any shifts used as fallout are substracted from the final effect.

Force Powers

More complicated uses of the force, such as Force Lightning or what you would think of when you hear “force power.” Basically anything too fancy. You are allowed a number of force powers up to your highest force skill plus half your other one, rounded down. If you have it as a formal force power. You can use it with the assumption that you have practiced it many times and do not have to make the initial roll, meaning it will be far less likely to fail utterly. Must justify the powers through study, training, etc. To put it simply, you can take a zero, which might not do much more than the basics, but it won’t fail. If you decide to not take a zero, you get a free +1 to the roll.


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