Player Characters

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Austin Vis-Bari
Hailey Ferron Rylai
Keighla Her character
Logan Daveed K’tharsis
Meagen Ditz Azzizu
Nick His character
Nikki Ziva
Ryan C14Y “Cassius”

Example Character:
Hugh Mann Parssonne

Character page template (edit this page and copy everything between the < pre > tags):

Character Sheet


High Concept Aspect

The Most Average Man in the Universe

Trouble Aspect

No one can recognize me in a crowd…

Other Aspects

  • Practiced Normalcy
  • Decent Education
  • 2.5 Children
  • White Middle Class
  • Sometimes angry, but not always
  • Nice enough guy


+6 N/A
+5 Fists, Charisma
+4 Blasters, Pilot
+3 Deceit, Stealth
+2 Rapport, Willpower
+1 Perform, Survival


A green lightsaber

Weapon Rating: 4 | Range: 1

A green lightsaber. I guess a jedi made it.

A blaster pistol

Weapon Rating: 2 | Range: 1-3

An ordinairy blaster pistol.


Astoundingly Ordinary

Your normalcy scares others in social situations. +1 to stress dealt in social conflicts.

Force Powers


You have the ability to not use the force in whatever way you can imagine.

Player Characters

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